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Social Enterprise at PACK-IT Hereford

What is a Social Enterprise or Social Firm?

First and foremost, a Social Enterprise is a businesses. It has explicit social aims and ethical values and it is accountable to its members and the wider community for their social, environmental and economic impact. Profits are not distributed to individual shareholders as with many profit-making businesses, but are instead put back into the company to further its goals.

A Social Firm is a business created for the employment of people who have a disability or are otherwise severely disadvantaged in the labour market.

Pack-IT Hereford Ltd. is both a Social Enterprise and a Social Firm that runs an innovative training program for those on disability benefits who want to progress into real, paid jobs in the community. We believe everyone has value and should have the opportunity to contribute in the workplace. We provide a safe and secure environment in which people with disabilities of all types can gain education and vocational training as well as develop skills, and gain the confidence necessary to reach their full potential.

In addition to our social mission we have an environmental policy which enables us to lesson our negative impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Working in partnership with Pack-IT Hereford not only makes good business sense, it also impacts your Corporate Social Responsibility, increasing your contribution to economic development and improved quality of life for the local community.


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