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The Company

Pack-IT Hereford Ltd. is the newest license initiative of Pack-IT Group, an award-winning Social Enterprise and Social Firm offering 20 years of professional and reliable expertise in the storage, distribution, fulfilment and mailing sector.

While many of our staff are considered to have a disability every employee and trainee in this highly skilled workforce seeks to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Pack-IT's Expertise

Six Good Reasons to Outsource

  1. Reduce the staffing costs incurred to cope with the inevitable peaks and troughs in demand
  2. Extend your warehousing capability without incurring the worry and costs of purchasing or letting additional premises
  3. Concentrate on your core business activities instead of fretting about your warehouse operation
  4. Solve all your e-commerce order and delivery issues, the Pack-IT Group has real-time systems to help your business succeed
  5. If you want to enter the UK market and need a base, the Pack-IT Group is the ideal partner
  6. Tap in to a well-established and reliable distribution network for both the UK and worldwide