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Mailsort Services

At Pack-IT Hereford we are pleased to help you in achieving best cost effectiveness for your direct mail. Mailsort is the name given to a range of discounted postal services offered by via the Royal Mail to its clients that produce large volumes of mail for delivery in the UK.

Mailsort brings you two benefits:

It is vital for anyone that posts in volume, whether via Mailsort or standard post, to ensure that the image of their company or organisation is enhanced and seen in the best possible light.

In a recent survey of direct mail recipients¹, eighty five percent agreed that "inaccuracies in the name and address reflect badly on the image of the company" - potential customers will have already formed a negative opinion even before they have opened the envelope.

This is why good address management is essential for any company that communicates directly with customers or prospects - whether they are sending a bill, fulfilling orders or information requests, or approaching new prospects, via direct mail.

The use of the postcode and the attainment of the required 90% level of postcoding for Mailsort may initially seem a chore. However, as more and more companies recognise the advantages of direct mail, the costs of poor address data are increasing substantially.

We are able to prepare and deliver good address management and ensure that all elements of your addresses, from individual names through to the postcode, are as accurate as possible.

Our address cleaning software uses many address features as defined by the Royal Mail. An additional benefit is that the software also has the advantage of holding the complete Postal Address File.

Deduplication of Address Records is carried out using in-house software. The system matches individual records using postcode elements from the Postal Address file, such as surname, initials, street names and postal towns.

Qualifying for a Mailsort Discount

We are able to negotiate discounts via the Royal Mail Mailsort process if:

Maximum Postage Discount

To ensure that you obtain maximum postage discount, our experienced team check that all pre-sorted lists are kept in sequence and sealed into mailbags with the correct Post Office Mailsort label.


¹ The Trends Survey commissioned by the Direct Mail Information Service and carried out by the British Market Research Bureau every two years.

Pack-IT's Expertise

Six Good Reasons to Outsource

  1. Reduce the staffing costs incurred to cope with the inevitable peaks and troughs in demand
  2. Extend your warehousing capability without incurring the worry and costs of purchasing or letting additional premises
  3. Concentrate on your core business activities instead of fretting about your warehouse operation
  4. Solve all your e-commerce order and delivery issues, the Pack-IT Group has real-time systems to help your business succeed
  5. If you want to enter the UK market and need a base, the Pack-IT Group is the ideal partner
  6. Tap in to a well-established and reliable distribution network for both the UK and worldwide

Pack-IT Hereford is a Pack-IT Licensing initiative owned and operated under licence by Pack-IT Hereford. The Pack-IT Group is an award winning company, whose innovation in business and social enterprise has been commended by the Department of Trade and Industry, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Confederation of European Social Firms, Employment Initiatives and Social Co-operatives (CEFEC).